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Are you a woman expecting a child, or hoping to expect a child in the near future? If you are, I’m sure you’re familiar with the basic ins and outs of pregnancy. One of the most fundamental aspects of pregnancy is that you will be going through three trimesters during your 40 weeks of pregnancy.

Though you may know this already, you don’t really know how your body will change throughout all three trimesters. Here is your guide to what you will be experiencing during the first trimester of your pregnancy. 

The First Trimester 

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The first trimester is during weeks 0-12 of your 40-week pregnancy, where the egg is fertilized by the sperm, known as conception. Though it’s still early on, your body will experience a lot of changes during this period of time. With these changes, you’ll also have to adopt new eating habits, body movements, and health measures in order to support the development of your baby.

With all the physical body changes you’ll be going through, the inside of your body will also be changing as it's making room for your baby, and the formation of: 

Amniotic sac: The amniotic sac is filled with amniotic fluid and surrounds the fetus throughout the pregnancy. It is in the womb and made up of two membranes, the amnion, and the chorion. It contains important components such as nutrients, hormones, and infection-fighting hormones. 

Placenta: The placenta is an organ that will also develop in order to provide oxygen and nutrients to your baby, and also remove any waste from the blood as they grow in the uterus. The placenta is fully formed in your first trimester and acts as the lifeline between your baby and your own blood supply. 

Umbilical Cord: The umbilical cord is a ropelike cord that connects your fetus to the placenta. It is used to carry oxygen and nutrients to your baby.

Body Changes 

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During the early points of the first trimester, you will also experience early signs of pregnancy. And as time goes by, your body will go through major changes such as the following:

Baby Development 

Baby Development In Ultrasound Photo

Conception occurs when an egg is released and is combined with the sperm. The first trimester is most important for the development of your baby, as it's during this time your baby’s body structures and major organs begin to develop. Unfortunately, this is the period of time which you are most at risk of miscarriages and birth defects

Body Parts: The fetus will begin to grow a spinal cord and a brain as other organs begin to form as well during this trimester. This is also when your baby’s heart will start to beat! Arms and legs will form in the first few weeks, followed by the fingers and toes. The baby’s gender will also be known by the end of this first trimester as the sex organs will form as well.

The Senses: Your baby will have developed taste buds which means the brain can recognize the taste of the amniotic fluid -- which will be whatever foods you put in your body! This will also be when the baby begins to develop eyes and ears, as well as tooth buds in the mouth which will later become teeth. All the body parts that will stimulate the senses like the eyes, nose, mouth, and ears begin to become more distinct.


As you can tell, your baby is going to significant and major changes which displays the importance of this trimester. The fetus is the most vulnerable during these first 12 weeks, as your baby will be growing and going through major changes.

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