Planning Your Baby’s Gender Reveal Party

Happy expectant couple holding smoke bomb for gender reveal party for their fourth baby

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Colored powder clouds and gleeful cheer fill the air. Congratulations are shared and happy memories are forged forever. 

Of all the exciting moments in your pregnancy after learning that you’re pregnant, the gender reveal definitely takes the cake - whether it’s pink or blue. Especially now as COVID-19 restrictions are beginning to ease, you may be thinking of throwing a fun, outdoor gender reveal party.

But before jotting down creative ideas for your gender reveal party planning, perhaps you should first think about whether you want to have a party at all. There are a few things to consider as expectant parents before ordering the pink and blue balloons, and sending the evites out to friends and family.

1. You don’t need to tell

pregnant woman and husband, expectant couple, outdoors

You may feel compelled by friends and family to divulge your little one’s gender before you’re ready.

You don’t need to.

Ultimately, it is up to you and your significant other as to when (and if) to tell your loved ones. It may feel more special to keep this intimate detail about baby just between you and your partner.

While 85% of moms- and dad-to-be plan to find out their fetal sex, many parents would prefer to keep it a secret from others till the baby is born. Granted, you will most assuredly be fending off your family members and friends soliciting you at every opportunity - and who could blame them? Everyone wants to get to know your little prince or princess ahead of his/her highly anticipated arrival.

But whether you’re not into receiving unwanted opinions (because everyone must have an opinion) or overly gender specific gifts, it is perfectly valid to not announce the sex of the baby till their birth. Like everything about your pregnancy, it is no one’s choice but your own.

2. Disappointment is real

pregnant woman disappointed with gender of baby

Everyone’s heard it: “As long as he or she is healthy, we’re happy.” 

Well, that’s not entirely true. Of course, your baby’s health is paramount, but that’s not what’s in question. If not socially acceptable to express, it’s a very common reaction to feel disappointed with your baby’s gender. It’s normal to dream of having either a boy or girl, and when the result is not what you expected, you may struggle to cope with that reality. As such, your reaction may appear disingenuous, something you would never want to live on the web forever for your baby to see when they grow up.

Especially with kids or boisterous adults in the picture, you may hear the inevitable groan of disappointment when they don’t get their way. If you’re planning on posting the reveal on Instagram (the party decor was bought for a reason), the big reveal could very well be dampened by the unsavory reactions of those who are less emotionally reserved.

3. Safety concerns

Beyond mitigating the spread of the coronavirus, other safety concerns may arise depending on just how popping your party plans to be. Explosive devices like smoke bombs and confetti cannons can cause serious damage or injury, and should be used with great caution. If you do want to celebrate your gender reveal party in explosive style, make it an outdoor affair. Luckily, many of the most creative gender reveal ideas (smoke, paint, confetti, and balloons) are often designed for the out of doors. 

    gender reveal party, hitting a blue smoke bomb with a baseball bat, it's a boy!

    Despite those concerns, throwing a gender reveal party can be barrels of fun. It’s a great way to celebrate your pregnancy with friends, family, and one fun surprise.

    Let’s talk about some practical advice on planning a gender reveal party with pizzazz:

    1. Save the date.

    happy expectant couple preparing for gender reveal party

    You’re going to want to give some notice. The most important thing you’ll need as a prerequisite to the gender reveal party is going to be a gender reveal ultrasound. Make sure to schedule the ultrasound determining the baby’s sex first (around 18-20 weeks) - then get party planning. You may want to feature a theme on your invitations to inspire the rest of your party planning and decor.

    2. Keep it a secret.

    pregnant woman surprise gender reveal party, it's a girl, pink smoke bombs

    The best gender reveal parties are the ones with the highest aggregate surprise. For the most daring reveals, parents will keep their baby’s sex a secret from everyone - including themselves. 

    Be sure to explain what you want to your practitioner ahead of time so that they don’t inadvertently ruin the surprise! Have them write ‘male’ or ‘female’ on a slip of paper and have it sealed in an envelope so you can pick up the gender reveal apparatus spoiler-free. This is where the fun begins.

    3. Plan some fun games.

    gender reveal party game, beer pong, pink and blue cups

    There are the classic gags, like old wives’ tales predicting your baby’s gender, or telling your guests to guess the gender and arrive in blue or pink based on their prediction. But there’s no limit to your creativity: how about a game of baby-themed charades? Or maybe challenge your music-loving friends to identify the song by a snippet of the lyric “baby” (you’d be shocked to discover just how many songs pay tribute to your little one)!

    4. Finally, the reveal moment. 

    Expectant couple holding blue smoke cannons for gender reveal party

    This is why they came. Live up to and exceed expectations with coloured smoke. Nothing is more exciting than a sudden burst of colour to mark the climax of your event. 

    Ignite a roaring crowd with pink or blue colored exhaust from a car, smoke cannons, or hitting a smoke bomb with a baseball bat. If you and your partner can get your hands on colored fire extinguishers (color blasters), your party guests won’t stop talking about your awesome gender reveal party for months.

    While piñatas, balloons, and cakes are classic fun, making your gender reveal party stand out from the rest will make the event that much more unique and memorable. A moment as special as this one deserves to be celebrated with all the glitz and glam. This is one of the most joyous moments of your journey toward motherhood. 

    Should I throw a gender reveal party?

    One of the most compelling reasons to host a gender reveal party is simply to see all the people you love coming out to support you in this exciting milestone of your life. It is not just an excuse for another party (although honestly we could get behind that, too). It is a celebration of what you are doing and what is to come!

    So whether it’s pink or blue, make the decision that’s best for you.

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