Body Changes During Pregnancy

Pregnant woman looking at her body

We’ve always heard people say that every part of pregnancy is such a beautiful thing! Whoever said that, didn’t know about the struggles of bloating, getting stretch marks and gaining weight. There’s no question that these are things that every pregnant woman goes through, but it’s important to know that these changes are a part of the process, and it doesn’t make you any less beautiful!

Trying to keep up with your body changes during pregnancy can be challenging. Especially when you’re faced with constant pressures from others and yourself about how you should look. Just remember that no matter the extra pounds, it’s a part of the process and every mom can attest that.

It might come to a surprise once you start going through these changes in your body, so here are 4 things that we know every pregnant woman can relate to!

1. Changes to your skin

This may seem like a surprising body change during pregnancy, but it’s very common to many women. Your veins will begin to become more and more visible on the surface of your complexion, because of the increase in blood circulation. You’ll also see a rosy and red tint to your skin tone, much like being sun kissed. This may not be such a bad thing, as many people call this a “pregnancy glow.”

Pregnant belly

2. Weight gain

Who knew you would put on a few pounds while carrying a baby in that belly of yours? Of course, you’re no longer eating for one-- you’re eating for two. Making sure that you’re getting all the nutrients you need for you and your baby is important, so this is a good sign, it means your tiny baby is growing bigger and stronger! It’s completely normal for women to gain up to 35 pounds during pregnancy, so keep an open mind and remember you’re not alone. Oftentimes, you’ll even see that your innie has turned into an outie!

Pregnant woman checking her weight

3. Stretch marks

A few months into your pregnancy, there is a chance that you will start noticing the appearance of stretch marks. The cause of this is mostly genetics, so i’m sure you’ve heard the stories and the lectures from your family about the normality of this change during pregnancy. Your skin is stretching as it’s trying to make room for the tiny human living inside your belly, which causes streaks of purplish brown on your stomach, butt, legs, hips, or breasts.

Pregnant woman treating her stretch marks

4. Swollen hands and feet

Look on the bright side, at least you can buy new shoes! Some women say that they grow a full shoe size during their pregnancy. Your body has an increased retention of fluids to keep your body soft, making room for when your baby grows day by day. This increase of bodily fluids may cause the arch of your foot to flatten, and swell up other parts of your body including your hands, face, ankles, and legs. You’ll notice that this most takes into effect when you’re laying outside on a hot summer's day or when you’re standing on your feet for long periods of time.

Pregnant woman rubbing swollen leg and foot

 These were just a few of the common changes to the mother’s body during pregnancy, but i’m sure many out there have experienced some uncommon or surprising changes as well. 

We know that a huge part of the challenge is facing reality and coming to terms to all the changes that you’re going through. Here are ways that can help you accept the changes that are happening, and ways for you to cope with these fast changes during your pregnancy. 

Remember that it’s normal

Pregnancy is the first time your body changes as much as it does, and although it can be shocking to you, just know that it is completely normal! It’s no question that you’re holding a little baby girl or boy in your tummy. You’re now eating for two, which means you have a new and improved sense of quality and quantity. 

A way for you to deal with body insecurities during pregnancy is to stop comparing yourself to other women. Also to always remind yourself that you’re not alone in the process that you’re going through. Surround yourself with people who understand and can relate with the situation you’re in so that you have a positive network around you that will help you focus on the right things. 

Embrace the change

Think of it this way. Seeing that you may be gaining weight and your belly getting bigger is a sign that mommy or daddy junior is getting bigger too! Pregnancy is a beautiful experience, and you should be embracing each and every moment of it-- the good and the bad. 

Take advantage of every step of the journey and look at the bright side to every situation you’re in. These changes in your body will help you to appreciate your beauty and feel good. So many pregnant women say that they learned to love themselves and see their beauty in new and different ways. 

Stay active

Exercise is a way for you to stay in tune with your health. It’s not only good for your body, but also for the mind. It will help you keep your mind off the negative things and focus on the positives. Staying active will provide an endorphin rush which will make you feel excited, energetic, and optimistic. It helps to relieve some of your stress by focusing on yourself, and taking only 30 minutes out of your day to benefit your own wellbeing. 

Get support

Remember, it takes a village to raise a child. And it also takes a village to support a mother. Having people who love and support you will help you maintain a positive outlook, even when your body is going through drastic changes during pregnancy. With the uncertainties that women often face during pregnancy, it’s important to focus on things that you know are for sure-- like family and friends. Have people in your corner that you can pour your heart to, and depend on for any help or advice. Also, remember to always take care of yourself! 

 Body changes and discomforts can be a huge obstacle during pregnancy, but it’s an obstacle that you will overcome! 

Remember to always take a step back and remember the positive things around you. Appreciate the journey you’re on and the life that you’re headed towards.  

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