Trying To Conceive: Your Guide To Pregnancy

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Yes, I’m sure you know exactly how to make a baby! But if you’re trying to get pregnant, it’s important to increase your chances of starting a family. 

Trying to conceive is an incredible journey for both women and men. Although you may have a positive state of mind during the process, it can be stressful when it comes to seeing results-- and we’re talking about positive pregnancy test results.

Tips on Getting Pregnant

Positive Pregnancy Test

Keeping Record of your Menstrual Cycle

This is something that most women do on a regular basis anyways, but it is especially important when trying to conceive a baby. Whether your period is regular or irregular, you must  monitor the dates your period starts and ends so that you have historical records to look back at month to month. 

One of the most commonly known early signs of pregnancy is a missed period. Knowing this is a clear indicator of the importance of monitoring your period so that you can get an indication of whether or not you are getting pregnant. 

Monitor Ovulation

Timing is everything!

Even when you think it’s the time to have a baby, you need to also focus on when exactly the right time of the month is best. The ‘fertile window’ is the day an egg is released from the ovary and also the five days beforehand. 

By keeping track of your menstrual cycle, you can detect when you may be ovulating which is the prime time to conceive a baby because it's when your ovaries will release an egg in the fallopian tube. Having sexual intercourse during this period gives you the best chance of getting pregnant.

If you don’t know exactly how to monitor your ovulation, you can access many free resources online such as an ovulation calendar, or you can purpose your very own at-home ovulation kit.

Balance the Scale

Having a healthy body starts before getting pregnant! It is important to strive for a healthy body weight when trying to conceive, since your chances of getting pregnant depend on it. Women should always visit a fertility specialist for a checkup to make sure their body is ready for pregnancy. 

Studies have shown that being both underweight and overweight will in fact lower your chances of conceiving. An increase of body fat increases estrogen in your body which interferes with ovulation. If you are underweight, your menstrual cycle will be irregular which means it is more difficult to regulate the best time to conceive. 

Take Your Prenatal Vitamins 

Every woman knows it is absolutely crucial to take good care of your body during pregnancy for the sake of yourself and your baby. Most doctors will recommend pregnant women to take folic acid once they are expecting a baby, but it is a good idea to start taking vitamins prior to this as well. 

It is suggested you start taking prenatal vitamins with folic acid before you try to have a baby. You should be taking them much earlier than you think -- ideal time is 3 months before conception. Your eggs develop 90 days before they are released, so it is key to have healthy eggs in order to have a healthy pregnancy.

No one has a perfect diet all the time, but prenatal vitamins have your back! They will give you all the pre-pregnancy nutrients you need and may be lacking with your current diet.


Things to Avoid when Trying to Conceive 

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You can take many matters into your own hands when trying to conceive. Many small things in your everyday life can be adjusted in order to see results and increase your chances of getting pregnant.


Smoking isn’t good for your health during any point of your life, but it is especially harmful when you’re trying to conceive. Women who smoke spike their aging process which means that you are moving closer to early menopause and increased risk of infertility. The harmful chemicals found in cigarettes also speed up the loss of women’s eggs. Men should also try to get rid of their smoking habits since it affects the function of sperm. 


Try your best to avoid those pub crawls and bottles of wine at the end of the night if you want to have a baby. No amount of alcohol is considered safe when you’re actually pregnant, and it also may increase infertility rates. This will make it harder to get pregnant and lengthen the conception process. 

Too Much Caffeine 

No need to get rid of your morning pick-me-up, but cutting down your caffeine intake is a good idea. Most experts believe up to two cups of coffee a day is okay when trying to get pregnant. Remember that different kinds of coffee contain different amounts of caffeine, so you don’t need to say goodbye to your energy altogether! 

Too Much or Too Little Exercise

Don’t be a couch potato but don’t pick up high intensity workouts either! It’s a good idea to get up to 2 hours of moderate exercise a day so that you are improving your overall health and activity. Setting up a routine will help you get yourself in line and it’s also something you can do with your partner as a way to bond. 


Stress is almost inevitable, especially when you are thinking about trying to conceive and are determined to see a particular outcome. It’s important for you to find ways to cope with stress so that you are able to enjoy the journey you’re on to grow your family. 


The Big Picture

Getting pregnant is something that many women and men look forward to. Trying to conceive is a valuable journey that you should cherish every step of the way. Remember that timing is everything, and things will happen when they are meant to be. 

At the end of the day, you should always look at the big picture and be hopeful that one day, you will have a big family to call yours! 

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