Best Gift Ideas That Pregnant Moms Will Actually Want


Best Gift for Pregnant Mom

Pregnant women go through a lot day-to-day, dedicating each part of their routine to her baby. From visiting doctors appointments, watching her diet, and preparing for a child, she may lose sight of excitement during her pregnancy journey. 

There are a lot of things on a pregnant woman’s to-do list. Here are some great gifts that you can give to an expectant mother to not only make things easier, but also to remind her that she’s going through a life changing experience and to remember to cherish every moment of it. 

Fetal Doppler 

Neeva Baby Fetal Doppler

A fetal doppler is a hand-held ultrasound device that picks up sounds of your baby’s heartbeat. This is the perfect gift for a pregnant mother and it can be used as early as 8 to 10 weeks into a woman’s pregnancy. 

The fetal doppler lets you listen to the sound of your baby’s heartbeat which gives a mother a peace of mind in the comfort of her own home. It’s the perfect way to bond with your baby before your baby arrives into this world.  

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Pregnancy Pillow 

Pregnant Mom on Pregnancy Pillow

Sleeping during pregnancy is a luxury! Fatigue is an ongoing challenge for many pregnant women, and the best way to have a good night's sleep is to have a pregnancy pillow by your side. 

A pregnancy pillow is specifically designed to support the changing curves of a pregnant woman’s body to ensure comfortability and her ultimate beauty sleep! They are typically larger than normal pillows so that it fits to support your whole body. 

Pregnancy Journals 

Pregnant Woman Writing in Pregnancy Journal

A pregnancy journal is a sentimental gift that is a great way to remember all the memories throughout a woman’s pregnancy journey. It’s the perfect way to keep all pregnancy milestones in one place, being able to look back at the time you found out the gender of your baby, picked your baby’s name, hosted a baby shower, felt your baby’s first kick and everything beyond! 

Keeping a journal can help a woman reflect on her experience during this very special period of their life and capture all the feelings she goes through during pregnancy. Preparing for motherhood can be both stressful and incredible -- and documenting the good, bad and ugly is something that she can do in a pregnancy journal. 


Gravity Blanket

Pregnant Woman with Gravity Blanket

It can be difficult for pregnant women to fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night. A gravity blanket is a perfect solution because as a mother, you want the best rest for you and your baby. This is also something that can be used throughout the whole term of a woman’s pregnancy, and beyond. 

A gravity blanket is a weighted blanket that is used as a tool for relaxation. It is designed to offer the benefit of Deep Pressure Touch therapy (DPT) and is great at easing many side-effects and discomforts during pregnancy. 



Pregnant Woman Relaxing with Massage

Let’s be honest, we all know that pregnancy is filled with pain, aching, and discomforts  --  even if you haven’t experienced this first hand. Even though a spa day is most ideal for many women, not everyone has the time to leave the comfort of their own homes to visit a professional. 

An at-home massager is the quick fix to body aches and pains that a pregnant woman is experiencing. It will also allow a mother to dedicate some down time for herself, which is quite rare during pregnancy. However, be sure to choose a massager that is healthy for both the mother and baby. 

Other wellness products, like belly butter, natural oils, and wellness teas that can help mama unwind and give time for herself would pair perfectly with a massager! 


Compression Socks 

Pregnancy Compression Socks

Aching feet is an ongoing pain that pregnant women have to deal with. About 75% of moms-to-be develop this common pregnancy symptom at some point. 

Although swelling won’t go away completely, something that can help ease this symptom are a pair of maternity compression socks for the start of the day. This is a gift that a pregnant woman will use throughout her pregnancy and save her the trouble from both edema and varicose veins. 


Maternity Clothes

Maternity Clothing

It’s completely typical for pregnant women to go on a shopping spree and get a whole new wardrobe. With fast changing body changes, it can be a lot for pregnant women to keep up with. 

Newly pregnant moms will appreciate maternity clothing that they can wear throughout their pregnancy, that are both comfortable and fashionable. Seamless leggings, and lose tops for that growing belly are a go-to that you can’t go wrong with!

Wrap Up!

There's no greater greater gift than the gift of a healthy and happy child. But gifts that strike a balance between thoughtful, practical, and personal can help expecting couples feel like they're not alone in the journey. Also remember that Dad's expecting a baby too ... Which means he's expecting gifts

Pregnancy is a journey that all women will always remember. With the additions of your pregnancy gifts, the special woman in your life will be granted a more memorable experience.  After you hear the wonderful pregnancy announcement, roll up your sleeves and do some shopping! 

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