9 Best Gifts for Expecting Dads

Loving dad sleeping with newborn baby

Look around - you won’t have a hard time finding gifts that are earmarked and handcrafted for pregnant women. There is no shortage of great gifts and gift ideas when it comes to mom. Mom is with baby, and honestly, it’s a lot more overt.

Often it is the other half of the expecting couple that is neglected. Dad’s expecting too, and you know what else? He’s expecting gifts. Because he is a parent no less than his partner.

However, it can be difficult to come up with the perfect gift for an expecting father. How do you strike the balance between thoughtful, practical, and personal when shopping for this special dad-to-be?

Here are our picks for the best 9 gift ideas for expectant dads:

dad's coffee mug

1. Coffee mug

There’s no such thing as too many coffee mugs. With all the sleep deprivation ahead of him, a coffee mug or tumbler makes a cute gift that’s practical-first, cost-effective, and has the potential to be personal, too. 

If you’re feeling creative, you can customize a mug with dad’s favorite sports team or TV show references. Adding a personal touch to this item will make it much more memorable.

Onesie and baby clothing on clothesline

2. Onesie

What could be cuter than a byte-sized baseball onesie repping dad’s favorite team? Pay homage to his college with some miniature swag.

You can be sure that this gift will put a smile on his face every time he picks up his little guy. And give yourself a pat on the back for strengthening the bond between this father-child duo.

Dads and their babies wearing matching shirts

3. Matching shirts with baby

When it comes to gifts for a new dad, it doesn’t get more classic. Simply put, matching sets are adorable.

We’re not sure which part is cuter: dad wearing the same clothing as his little baby, or baby wearing the same clothing as his big dad. One thing is sure - if you’re looking to melt mom’s heart then invest in this Instagrammable gift.

Dad reading to newborn baby

4. Dad books

Put that deep voice and ample lap of his to use. Dads reading to children play a particularly instrumental role for their language and communication development - even as newborns! Plus there’s something super cute and funny about reading stories to newborn babies. We dare you not to smile.

But seriously, books that specifically reinforce the father-child relationship are even better for the child to learn how lucky he or she is to have a loving father who’s always there for them. Dad will be thrilled to cuddle on the couch with his little one and this thoughtful gift.

Father taking selfie with daughter

5. Picture frame

A place to put daddy and daughter’s treasured memories, this is a gift that will get used as soon as that special photo is printed. If you want to get fancy, you can even make it a digital frame.

God knows he’ll be shooting tons of selfies with his beautiful little child. Now those photos will be put to good use, not just sitting in the cloud. Dad, however, will be on cloud nine with his sweet, framed memories.

Dad with diaper bag backpack and child at beach

6. Diaper bag backpack

Moms and dads will both appreciate this gift immensely. A convenient and inconspicuous way to carry your baby’s accessories in style - what’s not to like?

Practicality is key in this gift. Get a color that’s muted, a black, grey, or khaki will do the trick. Make sure it’s spacious, but not too bulky. No one wants to advertise where their diaper wipes are at.

Dad hugging and protecting newborn child

7. Home security system

This gift is particularly thoughtful, especially for the techie dads out there. Every dad is protective by nature, and with a little one on the way those paternal instincts will be heightened.

Having a home security system will give dad that peace of mind as an antidote to the overwhelming responsibility of giving his family a safe home. What a gift that is.

Dad holding child in baby carrier

8. Baby carrier

I’m sure you’ve seen a dad with his baby strapped onto his chest. And I’m sure you thought, “Hey, this guy is beyond adorable!”, and no, you were not referring to the child (though more often than not it applies equally to both).

When looking for a baby carrier you want to find two basic things: comfort, and support. Comfort: for both dad and his baby; and support: to keep baby safe and secure. Make sure to find these two qualities in ratings or recommendations, because chances are you won’t be able to test it out yourself!

Young dad feeding little baby milk with bottle as mom watches with a rattle

9. Bottle

Since dad doesn’t have the luxury of milk on tap, he’s left to employing the bottle to feed his little newcomer. Why not get something that both dad and baby can enjoy together (not to mention wary mom, too)?

With your gift, this expectant father can be a critical part of his child’s growth and development. Snuggling with his baby, dad is going to form a close bond using this special and practical medium.

Wrapping Up

Make sure to wrap your gift up (literally, and figuratively) with a hand-written card to express the thought you put into it. Sometimes it’s the card that matters more than the gift itself. After all, the purpose of getting him a gift is to show that you support this dad, you care about him, and you’re celebrating the new life he’s bringing to the world.

Whether it’s for the baby shower, Father’s Day, or the occasion is just right, any of these gifts will do to mark this joyous time in dad’s life. Remember: the more personal you make it, the more it will be appreciated. So customize those coffee mugs!