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Sleep and dreaming are a natural part of human life, and almost one-third of our life is spent in sleep. Many researchers worldwide are studying the quality of sleep and the reasons for dreaming and sleep disorders.

Although our knowledge about sleep is limited, at least we know that sleep makes us rest physically and mentally, and the body has time to rebuild itself.

To have an energetic day where you can perform various tasks at hand you need to get a good sleep first. It is recommended to sleep for 7-8 hours during the night.

On the other hand, different people have different dreams. Some do not remember anything after waking up. At the same time, some have vivid dreams which are so real that they have to think for some seconds before realizing the difference between dreams and reality. A third group has a specific dream to remember its details. 

Some people have nightmares, or their dreams are a series of scattered and unrelated scenes. As a result, people have become interested in the ability to interpret their dreams. They want to know if their dreams are meaningful or not.

Did you also dream about being pregnant and want to know its meaning? What is the most common pregnancy dream? What types of dream happen to expectant moms? This article reviews the types of dreams about pregnancy you might have.


Dreaming About Being Pregnant

Dreams happen to us in REM sleep or the rapid eye movement stage of sleep. Suppose you are pregnant and have this news confirmed after taking pregnancy tests.

In that case, it is normal to dream about being pregnant. You might see yourself and your baby in your sleep. For example, you may dream that your baby is born and you are hugging him or playing together. But how to make dream interpretation?

Another category of such dreams relates to your thoughts and concerns about what kind of life changes will happen after your baby is born. Maybe in your waking hours, you think about what will change in your work life or your relationship with your spouse after giving birth to your baby.

For example, consider how you should agree on child care and upbringing. Now, suppose you are pregnant with twins or multiples. In that case, you may be more stressed out about financial issues, raising your baby, or thinking about your due date.

If you are not pregnant or don't know about your pregnancy, you may have such dreams because of your interest in having a baby.

Indeed, the origin of our dreams is unclear. Some scientists attribute dreaming to humans' unconscious thoughts, wishes, and desires. Some do not attribute it to any specific source.

Maybe you are trying to get pregnant and hope your pregnancy test will be positive the next time. This can also be one of the reasons why you dream of pregnancy. 

Usually, the dreams that women see in these situations can be related to subjects such as:

Choosing a name for their baby, finding out about the gender of their baby, hugging their baby, and talking to her or her birth scene.


Someone Else Is Pregnant

Another dream you may see is the dream of someone else being pregnant. Maybe this person is one of your family members or a friend, and you dream of her pregnancy because you know she is trying to get pregnant.

This particular person might be very interested in having children, too.

Besides, such dreams might represent your inner longing to become a mother and experience motherhood.

Some women with such a dream are mothers or mothers-in-law who want their families to expand. Usually, they have a big child and want them to have their children. You dream of becoming a grandmother in this way.


Dreaming About an Unplanned Pregnancy

As we explained, the types of dreams you may see about pregnancy are all related to planned pregnancies. But a woman can dream that she is suddenly pregnant without intending to do so. Such pregnancy dreams involve finding out about unprogrammed pregnancy after having sex. The explanation that can be given for these types of dreams is the stress caused by an unplanned pregnancy.

Also, you may have such dreams due to the fear of pregnancy and thinking about its various aspects. It is especially so if pregnancy is a very stressful situation for you that makes you feel trapped in a closed space. 


Dreaming of Being Pregnant with Twins or Multiples

So far, you must have realized that dreaming about being pregnant with a plan or being informed of unintended pregnancy is not proof that you are or will actually be pregnant. Similarly, if you dream that you are pregnant with twins or multiples, it does not mean you will have twins in the future.

Of course, you may be in a situation like pregnancy at an advanced maternity age, which increases the chances of giving birth to twins and multiples. Maybe it is normal to have twins and multiples in your family or your partner's family, and you are likely to give birth to more than one child

if you get pregnant.


Having Nightmares Related to Pregnancy

Another type of pregnancy-related dream is seeing unpleasant nightmares in which something terrible happens to your baby. You may dream that you have a baby, and you suddenly drop her or that she somehow falls from a height, or you lose her.

Maybe you had a miscarriage in the past, and now your dream symbol a sign from your subconscious. It means you subconsciously fear that it will happen to you again, and you see this issue in your dreams. Maybe you are pregnant and have unpleasant dreams about giving birth and your due date. 

For example, suppose it is your first pregnancy and you are pregnant with twins, and thinking about the difficulty of childbirth scares you and makes you have nightmares. The basis of these dreams is fear and stress, and to reduce their frequency and intensity, you can first go for learning about the ways to reduce stress during pregnancy. You can also discuss this with a doctor or counselor and apply their recommendations.


When Should You See a doctor?

If you see the types of dreams about pregnancy that we have mentioned from time to time, you do not need to take any action especially if you are not pregnant. But if you are pregnant and unpleasant dreams bother you lately, you must manage your thoughts. 



Dreaming is one of the most natural things happening to us. Some dreams make us think for a while because we want to know their meaning and go to a dream expert.

One of these dreams is dreaming of pregnancy by pregnant women, which is divided into several categories. Have you dreamed of being pregnant? What does that pregnancy dream mean? Some even have dreams about twins, too. 

You may dream that someone else who is close to you or you are pregnant. The content of these dreams can be exciting and happy or sad. But what does it mean when you dream about being pregnant? 

There are various reasons for dreaming about pregnancy, including thinking about pregnancy, trying to get conceived, fearing pregnancy, and having a history of miscarriage. Now you know the reasons for dreams about being pregnant. If your unpleasant and stressful dreams keep repeating, you can talk to your doctor about this.

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