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You have got a pregnancy test, and it is positive?! Congratulations! If you do not know how to announce this to your spouse, parents, or siblings, we have some good pregnancy reveal ideas. Please read this article and be creative on these DIY pregnancy announcement ideas to record these beautiful moments and save them for your life.


The Classic Stove Method to Announce Pregnancy

It is a classic method in European countries to announce pregnancy to the family in this way. But instead of just putting a bun in the oven, you can go one step further and prepare your favorite cake and put it in the oven for your family to find.

Write the letter B (standing for Baby) on the cake. They will notice your pregnancy by taking out the cake and seeing it. You can prepare the camera in advance to capture the moment and get perfect pregnancy announcement photos.


Send an Audio File

If you cannot announce your pregnancy in person, send a sound of your baby's heartbeat to your family and friends. Tell them by a voice message that someone wants to see them in nine months. You can even record a video of the first time you hear your baby's heartbeat and send it to your parents, which makes a good pregnancy reveal idea.


Making a Video on YouTube for Pregnancy Reveal

Making a video on YouTube is common these days, so do it and let your family know you have a little one on the way. You can find many videos on YouTube with this theme and get inspired by them. You can even make a video of your spouse announcing the pregnancy and post it on YouTube to surprise your parents.


Preparing a Food List to Announce Pregnancy 

Have a dinner party with your parents, and when they are on the way to your home, ask them to get you some items from the store. Make a list: “ice cream, pickles, baby food, spinach, carrots, etc.” They will never forget this moment after reading the list and learning about your pregnancy.


Do you want to Amaze Others with your DIY Pregnancy Announcement Ideas?

This requires planning, but it's worth seeing your parents' faces when they find out you are pregnant.

You can call your favorite coffee shop and ask them to write a special message on the menu or blackboard they have in their cafe. For example, write “Special cake for grandma.” Then by giving this menu to your mom and dad, you can sit and watch them when they happily notice your pregnancy. You can even bring your camera along and take amazing pregnancy announcement pictures.


Play a Fun Game to Reveal Pregnancy

Plan a family night game and tell others about your pregnancy in an interesting way during the game. For example, play a game that involves painting and when it's your turn, start drawing a circle, then add the rest to make it a drawing of a pregnant mother. Be innovative, and this can be one of the most creative pregnancy announcement ideas. 


Drink a Cup of Tea Together

Invite your family to have a tea ceremony together. Before pouring tea, put the news of your pregnancy in the bottom of the glass with a sentence (like You are becoming a grandmother). You can write the message with an indelible marker so that the glass can be kept forever as a sign of your pregnancy reveal. The moment they find the message can be the best subject for your pregnancy announcement photo.


Print the News of Pregnancy on a T-shirt

If you do not want to write the news of pregnancy reveal on glass, print it on a T-shirt. You can create a beautiful T-shirt and give it as a gift to your spouse or parents by printing a creative image and message. Wrap this lovely surprise as a gift and give it to them when they least expect it; another fantastic subject for your pregnancy announcement photos. 


Buy Baby Clothes!

To inform your spouse of this exciting news, buy some baby clothes and hang them somewhere your spouse would see them. You can even wash the clothes and ask your spouse to take them out of the washing machine and spread them on the clothesline.


Bake Cookies

If you bake cookies at home, you can make small cookies in the form of baby clothes and serve them at a party where your parents or your spouse or siblings are present. This opens the conversation about having children, and you can tell them the big news.


Buy an Infant Car Seat for your Pregnancy Reveal 

You can buy a car seat for an infant and install it in the car of the father-to-be! You can even put a beautiful doll inside it. This is the best way to surprise your spouse and take baby announcement photos. 


Buy Kinder Surprise!

Buy some kinder surprise eggs, put a small baby gift in each one with a note, and give it to your guests at your party. The subject of the notes could be sentences like “You will be a grandmother in 7 months!” or “You will become an aunt at the end of this year!”


Use the First Ultrasound

If your fetus is 3 months old and you have not yet announced your pregnancy, use the first ultrasound image of the fetus and turn it into a card. Then, send a copy to each member of the family. Keep the phone close to you because everyone will call you as soon as they receive the cards to congratulate you!


Buy a Gift

Suppose you are going to inform your older children or parents and siblings about your pregnancy. In that case, you can prepare a gift bag and fill it with baby items and toys and leave it behind in their room. Then, hide somewhere with your camera and capture some pregnancy announcement photos.


Draw a Painting!

If you have another child, ask them to draw a picture of the whole family, plus another child. Then let them know they have a new sibling. You can ask them to show this painting to your parents or spouse and explain the subject.


Give a Gift to the Grandparents-to-be

If you are looking for innovative DIY pregnancy announcement ideas for your spouse or family, the easiest way is to buy a small gift related to the baby's necessities and send them a short note. This gift can be a pair of baby socks, a couple of baby shoes, a bottle, or a baby apron. Write on the note: “to my good grandparents.” Definitely, when they open their gift package, they are surprised to see it. 



Having a baby in the near future is a fantastic feeling for the mother. There are many ways to transfer this beautiful feeling to other members of the family. The above-mentioned DIY pregnancy announcement ideas can vary according to your taste and creativity. You can be creative and have your own unique pregnancy reveal the surprise! 

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