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Are you also in the fever of tanning your body? In such cases, natural tanning sprays are the first option that comes to the mind of all expectant mothers. But are you aware of the side effects of using spray tan when pregnant? To know more about using this type of chemical and its effects on your pregnancy, read this article.


What is Spray Tan?

Tanning sprays or ointments are chemical substances that are sprayed on the skin of the body while sunbathing. They can increase the effects of sunlight on the skin. In fact, most people use spray tans as a practical alternative to sunbathing to avoid getting sunburned. As you may know, sunburning can lead to skin cancer later in life.


Popularity of Spray Tan

Since the early 1970s, the use of tanning sprays has been popular among people. This was the time when people had a special passion for tanning, which is considered a kind of fake tanning. The concept of using tanning lotions and sprays started when the idea of ​​tanned skin became attractive among people. Usually, the skin is covered with a cream or spray during sunbathing. It is in order to change the color of the outer layer of the skin, but not to burn it. Of course, these substances are also used in salons and outdoors to tan the skin of pregnant women. 


Is it OK to Spray Tan as a Pregnant Woman? 

Always remember that pregnant women who love to sunbathe, use spray tan in order to retain their self-confidence. These mothers use tan products because they cannot sunbathe under the sun. But can you get a spray tan while pregnant?

Staying in the sun for a long time without wearing protective clothing is dangerous for them. As you know, women's skin becomes more sensitive during pregnancy, so the possibility of sunburn on their skin increases greatly. Therefore, pregnant women are forced to expose themselves to the sun by wearing long-sleeved clothes, putting on wide-brimmed hats, and applying sunscreen on their face and hands. But this period cannot take away the enjoyment of the yellowish-brown color of the skin from pregnant women. 


Tanning beds (Solariums)

Remember that another method of tanning skin during pregnancy is to use indoor tanning (tanning beds). Therefore, if you want to make your skin yellowish brown using this method, you will not need to use tanning creams or sprays. These are sprayed on the skin in the form of color. That’s because your body will no longer be exposed directly to the sun.

As you know, to get a tan, UVA and UVB rays of the sun need to penetrate the skin of your body, so that it can create a yellowish-brown color. When the sunlight penetrates your body strong enough, it may enter your uterus and cause damage to your fetus. Therefore, it is better to drink a lot of fluids to prevent this problem during your pregnancy and to receive the lost water in your body.


The Side Effects of Spray Tan While Pregnant

Can you spray tan while pregnant? As you know, using sunlight is never a safe option for women, not only during pregnancy but throughout life. Getting too much of it at any stage of life can be very dangerous. Also, don't forget that skin tanning includes exposure of the delicate outermost layer of skin to various rays. These rays must penetrate the deep layers of the skin, turning it into a yellowish-brown color. 

In these cases, experienced people soak the skin of their clients with DHA, so that when the rays are irradiated on it, the skin covered with DHA is oxidized and becomes yellowish brown with the penetration of light. But the use of these creams is not only for the safety of the pregnant mother and the fetus, but only for the better effect of radiation on the skin of these women. In fact, when the skin of pregnant women is exposed to UV rays, the DHA on the skin produces more free radicals than normal skin. Thereby, this significantly increases the rate of skin tanning. 

However, don't forget that during pregnancy, women's use of tan solutions and tanning creams and sprays based on DHA can increase their skin's sensitivity to sunlight. However, some gynecologists and obstetricians claim that DHA cannot harm the mother's body by penetrating the skin layers, it will be very dangerous for the fetus.

Women who are particularly interested in tanning their skin during pregnancy should know that there are talc-based creams on the market today, which are much more dangerous. It is better for women to avoid using them during pregnancy, because it has been proven that the use of these types of creams causes ovarian cancer in women. For this reason, these people can use creams that temporarily turn the skin color yellowish brown to protect the fetus.


The Safest Method

According to these descriptions, there is only one option for tanning women's skin during pregnancy. And that is choosing skin tanning creams instead of sprays, because inhaling sprays during pregnancy will be very dangerous.

In addition to these cases, it is interesting to know that the use of all tanning pills has been banned in many countries, because these pills contain canthaxanthin, which is usually used in food coloring, and its use during pregnancy can harm your baby. However, these pills also cause other side effects, including the increased risk of hepatitis and damage to the retina. 

Always remember that in such a situation, using creams for temporary skin coloring is not safe and can lead to allergic reactions in the skin. Therefore, it is better for them to test it by placing a small amount of the cream on ​​their skin. 

Finally, remember that tanning the skin during pregnancy, whether long-lasting or temporary, is not recommended at all. This will cause harm to the mother and the fetus inside her womb.


How to Protect Yourself against Sunburning

Remember that mineral sunscreens that are widely available in the market can be very effective if they completely cover the skin of before being exposed to the sun. It is because the ingredients used in many sunscreens is safe for pregnant women. As a pregnant woman, you can use sunscreen every two hours after sweating.

Of course, strengthening the skin of pregnant women using a diet rich in carotenoids should not be forgotten. Pregnant women can use foods rich in lutein, zexathenin, alpha-carotene, beta-carotene and lycopene to increase the safety of their skin against the harmful effects of the sun's rays. Also, some foods such as tomatoes, spinach, broccoli, zucchini and carrots are rich source sof useful substances for the skin. Therefore, including a large amount of them in your diet can prevent sunburn and ensure the safety of the unborn baby.

If you want to use safe tanning products during pregnancy, choose only those containing natural ingredients instead of dihydroxyacetone DHA. Of course, be aware that there are separate products in the market that are used for the face and body. Some women think that using expensive products will reduce their risk of skin cancer. But remember that all tanning products contain substances that are harmful to the skin.



As you know, the consumption of all kinds of chemicals are suspicious and dangerous for pregnant women. Therefore, the best option for women during pregnancy is to postpone sunbathing and direct exposure to sunlight until after childbirth. Of course, receiving a small amount of sunlight is necessary to provide vitamin D. This chemical is needed for pregnant women and the fetus. It is also a very effective institution for absorbing calcium to meet the needs of bones.

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