UV Sanitization 101: Things You Should Know

UV Sanitization

Now is a time where safety is truly our number one priority! We’re all coming up with new ways to find comfortability in these unprecedented times. 

People are now concerned with being able to kill germs that are around them to make sure they are keeping themselves and their families safe. Something that has been in the minds of consumers recently is the use of UV sanitization. And with more and more UV sanitization products out in the market, you may be wondering if it’s worth the investment. 

What is UV Light?

Ultraviolet (UV) light is a form of light that is invisible to the human eye, and is naturally produced by the sun. Many UV light sanitizers use special lamps that in fact, generate this kind of light. 

It’s been used for disinfecting and sterilizing since the mid-20th century. As time has gone by there have been advancements in technology, and UV bulbs have achieved an extended lifespan and compacted size over the years. You can normally find UV bulbs used to disinfect water, air, fruits and vegetables, equipment, and electronics. 

What is UV Sanitization?

UV sterilization is also known as Ultraviolet Light disinfection or Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI). It works towards killing a microorganism so that it cannot reproduce within its host and is no longer infectious. This is accomplished as UV sterilization breaks down certain chemical bonds so that the microorganism is unable to multiply. 

UV sanitization systems began developing and was a superior disinfectant by being able to reduce the use of harsh chemicals and eliminating the effects of human error

3 Main Benefits of UV Light for Disinfection 

UV Sanitization

UV light disinfection uses ultraviolet technology to kill bacteria and germs in a quick and efficient way, compared to other traditional ways. Here are some benefits of using UV light for sanitization


1) UV Light Sanitization is Non-Toxic

This may be one of the most superior benefits of UV light for disinfection since toxicity is something that is rarely avoided in disinfectants. Other methods of sanitization normally have harsh chemicals that aren’t healthy for humans or the environment. 

UV light is even safe to be used on food and drinkable water which shows how it is not a chemical process that is harmful, as long as we use proper protection. Excessive UV exposure to humans can be harmful but with proper precautions, it is a safe and non-toxic disinfecting method. 


2) UV Light is Easy and Effective

Using UV light as a form of disinfectant is a huge upgrade compared to other methods. It has a great capability of killing many different kinds of microbes and other harmful organisms, which serves to be its primary benefit. 


3) UV Light Disinfection is Affordable 

With its superior functionality and great benefits, people assume that UV sanitization is expensive. However, even though it uses technology rather than chemicals, it’s in fact very affordable. 

As mentioned before, these sanitizations have a very long lifespan, which means a one-time investment can save you money in the long-term. After being properly installed, it can operate on its own which means you would be saving time and money allocated to labour costs that come along with other methods. 

UV Sanitization

Caution: Not Meant for Your Body

These sanitization effects seem great, but only for objects and equipment, not people! The UV light can be extremely damaging to the eyes and skin cells if exposed to the light. 

Additionally, overexposure to some materials such as rubber gaskets or plastics can create erosion. 

UV lighting has been through many clinical studies and it is an FDA regulated industry. It is one of the best defences for disinfecting face masks to this day. 

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