Traveling With Baby

Hey mama! 

Whether you’ve just had a child or are about to have a child, things may start running through your mind: What’s going to happen to my sex life, my social life, and everything on my bucket list that I planned to do!

One of the things that many couples plan to do before having a baby is traveling. We’ve all heard it: “I want to be able to travel before having kids.”

However, your love for traveling and seeing what the world has to offer never goes away, so you’ll start thinking about traveling even with your baby … Which will be the next thing that will start running through your mind. 

Despite the doubt that comes with traveling with a baby, it’s very possible for you to have an amazing traveling experience even after you have a child - You basically have a new partner in crime. 

But with more fun, comes more responsibility. The catch is that you’ll have to spend a lot of extra time planning for your travels if you’re bringing your baby along with you. Most of the stress will be from actually planning the trip and getting there. Once you do get to your designation, everything will feel completely worth it and you’ll have a feeling of relief as things start falling into place. 

To help you check off the traveling box on your bucket list, we got the ultimate tips that will help you travel with a baby!

When Is It Safe For Baby To Travel?

If you’re planning on flying to your destination, make sure that you check with the policies of the airlines you’re using. Many airlines have different requirements - some require your infant to be a least two days old, while others require your baby to be at least two weeks old. 

Doctors recommend that you wait about one month for your baby’s immune system to develop, while others recommend for you to wait 3-6 months to fly. 

Prepare All You Can!

Think about all the time you spend planning a trip to the park … Now imagine how much you would need to plan for a trip across the country or the globe! Serious preparation is needed when you’re going to be away from home, but especially when you’re far from home. 

Make a list and check it twice! Making a list of everything you need to bring with you or everything you need to do will help you keep track of everything that’s on your plate. Not only will you feel a sense of accomplishment when checking something off the list, but it’ll also help to prioritize your upcoming tasks. 

Travel Lightly

We all know what we think to ourselves when packing: “I’ll bring this too just in case.” There is great temptation to bring everything along with you “just in case” but this is definitely not the way to go!

Have a minimalist attitude when planning on what to pack with you. Think about what baby gear you don’t absolutely need with you, and keep that waiting for you at home. Less is more in this case!

This is especially important if you are going to be taking multiple stops and multiple sorts of transportation. The horrible and repetitive routine of packing and unpacking will drive you nuts, so it’s best to keep things to a minimum to stay as mobile as possible. 

Fly During Nap Time 

As a mother or father, one of the greatest challenges in the comfort of your own home is to put your baby to sleep. Now imagine trying to put them to sleep on a plane. 

Whether your flight is long or quick, your best bet is to schedule it during your baby’s nap time. Making sure that your baby is able to get their beauty sleep will ensure a better experience for everybody - you, the baby, and the others on the plane. 

Be Early - But Not Too Early 

Arriving at the airport or train stop early will give you a peace of mind, knowing that you won’t need to rush and you won’t be late. Getting places early will reduce your stress and allow your baby or child to get used to the new location they find themselves in. 

At the same, you don’t want to arrive too early because your kids will either lose all their energy or become very bored. Try to aim for a half an hour earlier than you normally would!

The Big Picture

It may sound like a lot, and maybe too much for you to handle. Mothers are always worried about traveling with your youngsters, so you’re not alone. But you’ll find that it gets easier and the memories you create as a family will make it completely worth it!

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