Pregnant couple holding pregnant belly

There’s no doubt that pregnancy is different for every woman! 

Not only that, but every pregnancy (whether it be your first or second or third) will be different for each of you women! Which means if you’re expecting a second child, you can expect some differences this time around.

There’s no way to tell what exactly will be the same or different compared to your first pregnancy. But one thing you can guarantee to stay the same is the relief and joy you’ll feel when your little baby is in your arms at the end of your pregnancy. 

Here are some ways that your second pregnancy may be different from your first:

Your Baby Bump:

Baby loading sign on baby bump

You may experience your belly pooching out a bit earlier during your second pregnancy. This isn’t because your baby is growing any faster, but because your ab muscles have been naturally loosened from your first pregnancy. 

As a result of seeing a baby bump a bit sooner this time around, you may also carry your baby a bit lower this time too. 

You may recognize that you’ll need to start wearing maternity clothes sooner because of the growth in your belly at an earlier stage of your pregnancy. 

Feeling Of Being Tired:

Pregnant woman feeling fatigue

We know you must’ve had your fair share of yawns during your first pregnancy. Many women experience increased fatigue in their second pregnancies, which comes as no surprise. 

The major difference is that compared to your first pregnancy when you were just a pregnant woman, now you’re a pregnant mom! Balancing the responsibilities that come with taking special care of your child (no matter their age) and living through pregnancy can be a handful. 

You now may have less time to nap when you feel the need to because of all of your mom duties. Think about what activities you can cut back on to carve out some rest time - this is extremely important. Also be sure to eat nutritious foods so that your energy is up throughout the day.

Braxton Hicks:

Pregnant woman having contractions at home

Braxton Hicks contractions are when your uterine muscles are flexing in preparation of labor - almost like dress rehearsal! 

You may deal with more intense “false labor” contractions, and much sooner compared to your first pregnancy. 

A bonus is that you’ll probably also feel your baby kick and move around in your belly much sooner since you know what it feels like! 


Pregnant woman in labor

Ready for some good news?

Well, your second labor may actually end up being shorter than your first. Pushing your baby out tends to be much easier the second time around, which quickens the experience.

This is because your cervix is less rigid after your first pregnancy, so dilation and effacement happens quicker. 


Pregnant woman lying down in pain

It’s common to go through more severe pains after giving birth to your second child. 

Postpartum contractions is your body’s way of going back to normal - your uterus shrinks back down to size. Since your uterus is bigger this time around (being your second time), it may be more painful. 

Your Mindset:

Going through your subsequent pregnancy gives you some comfort in knowing that you’ve been through it all before. This will help you calm down your nerves when you’re feeling overwhelmed and your child will be a constant reminder of the reward you’ll have when your pregnancy is over.

Another perk is that you can somewhat anticipate the symptoms you will go through. In saying that, you can also try to prevent them. You’ll be extremely familiar with all your sensations and use your knowledge to try to lessen the discomfort that comes along with pregnancy.