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As a pregnant mother, you have asked if having sexual intercourse is forbidden during pregnancy. Pregnancy is one of the most important stages of every woman's life and marital relationship. Attitudes toward sexual intercourse change during pregnancy as a result of the vast changes that occur in men's and women’s bodies.

In addition, they are psychologically affected and may focus only on this new event in their lives. Meanwhile, some couples think that stopping their sexual activity, helps the health of the mother and child. Of course, if the doctor gives such advice due to the biological and physical conditions of the mother, sexual intercourse can be continued through other forms. Getting sexual counseling is very helpful in answering how to have sex during pregnancy.

Sex during Pregnancy

Sex is one of the necessities of every marital life. One of the basic foundations of love is the sexual desire of couples for each other. By avoiding sex during this time, the form and quality of the marital relationship are affected and you may put it in danger. This is just one of the consequences!

Pregnancy is a unique physical and mental condition for a woman. This may change the relationship of a marital relationship in all dimensions and affect the mother and have a unique psychological effect on the father-to-be.

Some women feel a burning sensation after sex during pregnancy and this prevents them from having intercourse during this periodp. But as a general rule, having sex during a normal pregnancy is not forbidden, and leaving it aside for no reason can damage the marital relationship. 

Is Sex in Pregnancy Harmful to the Fetus?

Some stereotypical beliefs suggest that having sex may cause miscarriage, suffocation, or other injuries if abortion is not possible during sexual intercourse. Others believe that engaging the mother's body in the sexual response cycle and eventually reaching orgasm can be harmful to the fetus. In fact, in a low-risk, normal pregnancy, the mother can have sex and reach orgasm without causing any problem. 

What’s not OK about Sex During Pregnancy

If you have the following restrictions, you should be careful when having sex in pregnancy and consult your doctor first.

  • Have a history of miscarriage or premature birth
  • Having a history of gestational hypertension
  • Bleeding or rupture of the bladder
  • Multiple deliveries
  • Cervical insufficiency
  • Having a history of spontaneous uterine contractions
  • You are in the last four to six weeks of pregnancy

Attitude Changes!

Some mothers say that sex during pregnancy feels different compared to other times. Some find sex more enjoyable during pregnancy, while others find it less enjoyable.

Increased blood flow to the pelvis may cause congestion in the female genital area. This may increase sexual feelings in this area, which increases the enjoyment. On the other hand, these events prevent some women from experiencing unpleasant sensations in their genital area, and they may enjoy sex in the form of penetrative sex.

Sex in Different Months of Pregnancy

Sex in the first trimester of pregnancy

When nausea and vomiting in women begin in the early months of pregnancy, they may also experience reluctance to have sexual intercourse. Breast tenderness increases dramatically in the first months of pregnancy, so it may be painful for them to stimulate the breasts during sex, so it is best to stimulate the breasts in a limited way or find another sex drive. In the first months of pregnancy, hormonal changes lead to physiological fatigue and affect sexual activity.

In this situation, help your lover understand the situation and tell him that you still love him. Also, in the first trimester of pregnancy, most women complain of back pain and abdominal pain caused by orgasm. In this regard, a back and abdomen massage by your spouse can be helpful.

Sex in the second trimester of pregnancy

During the second trimester of pregnancy, the tissues inside and around the vagina become congested. As a result, the tissues become swollen and red, and the pregnant women become aroused. It often takes longer after orgasm to return to a normal condition. This condition occurs with pelvic hyperemia and increases the back pain of the pregnant mother.

Another complication of sexual intercourse in the second trimester of pregnancy is dyspareunia, which occurs due to the depth of penetration, non-slip vagina, or compression of the penis on the cervix, making intercourse painful for the woman. During this period, using a side by side position for sex and controlling the depth is recommended.

Sex in the third trimester of pregnancy

The third trimester of pregnancy is associated with gastrointestinal pain for pregnant women, which increases sexual pain. Side sex is effective in reducing this pain.

The presence of hemorrhoids during this period leads to a decrease in sexual desire in women. Therefore, it is better to use methods to eliminate constipation. Having sex in the third trimester of pregnancy leads to frequent and prolonged contractions, which many women enjoy.

Sex Positions During Pregnancy

Different positions can be used in different months of pregnancy. Especially in the last months, when a woman has limitations, it is necessary to know how to have sexual intercourse.

Sex position in the first months of pregnancy

In the first months of pregnancy, when there are no noticeable physical changes and the woman does not have limitations and movement difficulties like in the last months, sexual intercourse can continue as before, and there is no need to apply any restrictions.

Sex positions in the last months of pregnancy

In the following months, when it becomes difficult for a woman to move, sexual positions that put pressure on a woman's abdomen may be annoying or harmful. In fact, in the last months, the movements and positions of sex can be adapted to the situation of women, and men should show more flexibility. For example, a woman-on-top position can help women control and have sex according to their comfort. Manage and at the same time do not put too much pressure on his abdomen.

In some situations where the woman may be in complete rest, or the doctor may have restricted her, other forms of penetration may satisfy both men and women to enjoy the relationship. For example, oral sex, mutual masturbation, flirting, and helping to meet each other through hands and other similar ways can be helpful. Using innovative methods of flirting and love games will help strengthen the couple's relationship.


As a pregnant woman, you should know that sex is safe and it is recommended that a couple not stop having sexual activity for a long time under any circumstances. So, if you want to know that “is sex safe during pregnancy”, you should know that sexual intercourse does not necessarily mean the act of penetration. Still, all sexual encounters, such as flirting and foreplay to oral sex, guarantee the survival of the quality of a marital relationship.

Marital counseling and training will also help have a high-quality relationship during pregnancy. If you have any problems with sex during pregnancy, consider your comfort and consult your doctor if you feel any pain.

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