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When some women decide to get pregnant, they wonder how to get pregnant with twins. Having two babies can be attractive, and there are some ways to know that you are pregnant with twins.

A woman can become pregnant with multiples either by chance (genetic factors) or due to some medical treatment. There is no surefire way to get pregnant with twins. However, some methods and solutions can increase the likelihood of having twins or multiples to some extent.


How does Twin Pregnancy Happen?

You may have been asked the question, what is the scientific reason for getting pregnant with twins? In simple terms, if two eggs are fertilized separately in the uterus or a fertilized egg divides into two cells, and each cell forms an embryo separately, a twin pregnancy occurs.

Today, this type of pregnancy is more common among women than ever before. Most researchers have considered the reason for the increase in twin pregnancies to be the result of a type of cellular abnormality caused by calcium deficiency. In this case, the protein wall that holds the cells together weakens.


Types of Twins Pregnancy

Of course, it should be noted that multiple pregnancies have other classifications and types. The description of these types may become too complex. So, it is enough to present this brief classification that is more applicable to the general public. This may help you when you are trying to know how to conceive twins.  


Monozygotic twins (Fraternal)

When an egg is fertilized by chance and divides into two cells at the very beginning, monozygotic twins are created. These two cells form a placenta and an embryo separately, which eventually leads to the birth of identical twins. Fraternal twins are also genetically identical.


Dizygotic twins (Paternal)

In general, a twin pregnancy is the result of the fertilization of two separate eggs with two sperm. When two eggs are released during the menstrual cycle and are fertilized with two sperms, two embryos are created. This finally leads to the birth of paternal twins.


How to get Pregnant Fast with Twins?


Ovulation induction medicine

Medicine is the most important factor in a person getting pregnant with twins. Taking medicines such as Clomid, Gonal-F, Letrozole and other fertility drugs increases the possibility of multiple pregnancies. This is because they stimulate the release of eggs. 



Age can affect how to get twins. The probability of this type of pregnancy is higher in women over 35 years old. This is because follicle-stimulating hormone increases with age. Follicle-stimulating hormone is responsible for the development of eggs before release.

As women age, eggs naturally need more stimulation to grow, so the follicles will be more active. Sometimes this activity may lead to the release of two or more eggs and cause a twin or multiple pregnancies.


Family history

Having a family history of monozygotic twinning does not increase the probability of twin or multiple pregnancies. However, having a history of dizygotic multiples in the family indicates a stronger possibility of twin pregnancy.

Having a family history in a woman's family indicates a higher probability of releasing more than one egg. In a man's family, it also indicates a stronger possibility of producing enough sperm to fertilize more than one egg.

In general, having strong sperm in a man increases the probability of twin pregnancy. This is also true even if there is no history of multiples in the family. Of course, this increased probability is very small compared to the history of twins in the mother's family. The family history in the mother's family almost doubles the probability of this kind of pregnancy.



Overweight women (with a body mass index of more than 30) probably have a higher chance of having twins. Of course, this condition is very rare because overweight women during pregnancy may face certain problems. But in any case, excess fat increases the amount of estrogen, this will eventually lead to more stimulation of the ovaries, and more than one egg may be released.



The probability of twin pregnancy is higher in tall women (in studies, the average height of these people was 164.8). The exact reason for this is not yet clear. However, according to the researchers, better nutrition (which leads to taller height) probably increases the odds of having twins.


Number of children

The probability of twin pregnancy is higher in women who have had more pregnancies and deliveries. If they have a history of multiple births or have a larger family, the chances increase. 



The probability of twin pregnancy is higher in African-American women than in Indo-European women. Asian women have less chance than these two races.



The possibility of twin pregnancy is higher for women who become pregnant while breastfeeding than for women who do not breastfeed. Although breastfeeding prevents pregnancy and inhibits fertility, especially in the first 6 months, there is still a possibility of twin pregnancy. According to statistics, the rate of twins is 11.4% higher in women who breastfed than in women who did not (1.1%).



According to research, the probability of twin pregnancy is higher in women who consume more dairy products. This is because the growth hormones in dairy cows affect the level of human hormones. Of course, consuming certain foods before pregnancy and during ovulation can increase the probability of twin pregnancy. However, if the mother is a vegetarian, the probability of multiple pregnancies will be much less.

In addition, consumption of oysters (in men to strengthen sperm), zinc, bread and cereals, wheat germ, green leafy vegetables, etc., increases the probability of twin pregnancy. Also, the consumption of sweet potatoes helps to stimulate ovulation in women.


Pregnancy in the summer season

Identical twin pregnancy rate increases in summer. Therefore, trying to get pregnant during the summer season can increase your chances of twin pregnancy. So, the question is not how to have twins; it is when to have twins!


Taking birth control medications

The use of birth control pills prevents pregnancy by 99%. On the other hand, after stopping the medication, the rate of twin pregnancy increases during the first months. On the other hand, if the contraceptive pill is not used regularly, the possibility of a twin pregnancy will increase.


Laboratory artificial insemination

In all types of artificial insemination (IUI and IVF), a larger number of fertilized eggs are transferred to the woman's uterus. This can increase the probability of multiple births. In recent years, fertility treatment and the use of fertility medications and in vitro fertilization methods have increased. So, twin pregnancies often occur in couples who have a history of infertility and have had a pregnancy through in vitro fertilization.


What to do during Twin Pregnancy

  • By consuming more folic acid, you can prevent birth defects (broccoli, pinto beans, sunflower seeds, asparagus, etc.)
  • Women pregnant with twins need more gynecological and obstetric care.
  • Morning sickness may be more severe in twin pregnancy, especially in the first trimester.
  • In addition to nausea, back pain, heart pain, etc., are more common in women who are pregnant with twins.
  • Spotting is more common during twin pregnancy. Of course, these spots are not the reason for miscarriage. However, in any case, the possibility of miscarriage or premature birth is higher in mothers with multiple pregnancies. In case of muscle cramping, clots, and heavy bleeding, see a doctor immediately.
  • Women with twin pregnancies usually gain more weight.
  • The risk of developing gestational diabetes is increased in twin pregnancies.
  • The possibility of high blood pressure during pregnancy and the occurrence of preeclampsia or preeclampsia is much higher in twin pregnancy.
  • Twin pregnancy delivery may be premature. Therefore, to prevent premature birth, medications may be prescribed, or special arrangements may be considered.
  • The probability of cesarean delivery is higher in twin pregnancies.


Risks and Complications of Twin Pregnancy

As mentioned, twin pregnancy has complications for both mother and baby. Among the most important complications of twin pregnancy, the following can be mentioned:

  • Preterm delivery
  • Low birth weight baby
  • Stillbirth
  • Autism in twins
  • Preeclampsia (Toxemia)
  • Pregnancy blood pressure
  • Gestational Diabetes



This article tried to answer the question: “How to have twins naturally.” As we mentioned above, all these are only ways to increase the chances of having multiples. They may not always work.

There is no surefire way to improve your chances of getting pregnant with twins. However, you can try your luck with one or more other methods of conceiving twins.

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