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Many women may think pregnancy is not the time to be beautiful, and there seems to be lots of evidence confirming this perception. Pregnancy is when your body loses shape, and you gain weight. You may also face other early pregnancy signs like swelling ankles and face or an itchy belly. Another sign is unwelcomed spots appearing on your face during pregnancy

Still, be sure all of these are only transient changes. As a pregnant woman, you are beautiful right now and can enhance your beauty in many ways, too. In this regard, one of the questions of expecting mothers is: Can I dye my hair while pregnant or feed their children with breast milk?

All women have obsessions with being beautiful; that's why you go for hair care, skin care, nail treatments, and weight control. The focus continues after pregnancy begins.

During this time, your hair grows more robust and thicker; that's fine! But there is yet another big concern left. You may ask can I dye my hair during the pregnancy, or should I wait until a specific time? Or will the chemicals in the hair color pose a risk to the fetus?

Are there any special conditions for coloring my hair? And can all expectant moms do this, or is a group of women warned off hair treatment during pregnancy? 


How Can I Apply Hair Color?

There are several ways to apply hair color. In general, we have permanent hair dyes, semi-permanent, and temporary hair dyes. The first type, as its name applies, remains on your hair for several months with minimal fading after a long time.

This type of hair color is called root touch-up or root-to-tip color change.

The semi-permanent type lasts for a few weeks, and you can do it at home without needing the help of a stylist. Finally, the temporary type is usually sprayed or shampooed and will be removed after several washes. 

To continue your beauty regimen routine, you must see what kind of hair dye you should apply. Do you want to do a root touch-up and cover your gray hairs, or is your goal to dye all your hair? Do you want a particular technique like highlight, lowlight, or balayage? 


Can I Dye My Hair While Pregnant in the First Trimester?

The good news is that you can dye your hair during pregnancy. Of course, you need to take special precautions. Also, wait until the end of the first trimester of pregnancy to apply any hair color to your hair.

In other words, you can use hair dye in the second and third trimesters of your pregnancy. During these trimesters, it will be safer to color your hair. There are not many studies on coloring your hair during pregnancy. But it is safe to say that chemicals in hair dyes during pregnancy will not get into your bloodstream.

Even if you dye your entire hair, it is improbable that the chemicals will enter your bloodstream through your scalp and pose any harm to the fetus.


Essential Tips When Dyeing Hair 

In addition, it is better to wait until the second trimester begins. In other words, the best time to apply hair dye is after the start of the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. In the first trimester of pregnancy, rapid embryonic changes take place, such as muscles, internal organs, and vocal cords formation.

Instead of dyeing your entire hair in one session, it may be better to use methods that do not require direct contact between hair color and the scalp. For example, think about balayage, highlight, or lowlight. These methods, based on creating contrast effects and giving dimension to individual strands of hair, involve the indirect application of hair color.  

· First of all, book an appointment in a beauty salon in a well-ventilated area.

· You can ask them to consider a place for you close to the window or where there is good ventilation. If you use chemical colors, they may have strong odors. Such odors may cause allergic reactions such as eye or throat irritation.

· If you do the coloring process by yourself at home, choose a place that is well ventilated. Use gloves and carefully apply the color to your hair for the shortest recommended time.

· Using a mask to cover your face when dying your hair is unnecessary, even if your stylist uses bleach with a more intense odor. Only have a mask to follow Corvid's hygienic instructions.

· Also, it is better to use ammonia-free color options out there. For example, choose natural or plant-based colors, primarily if you use this color as a base color and for the route. After the recommended time for the color to sit on your hair strands has finished, rinse your scalp thoroughly to remove any remaining dye. 

· All the advice in the above lines also applies to women who work as hair stylists. If you're constantly dying other people's hair as your job, choose a well-ventilated room, wear gloves, and do not stand for an extended period. 



Pregnancy can make you feel like your previous beauty routine is missed. However, you can change a lot in appearance, but you can still be beautiful. One of the concerns of women in this period is, is it safe to dye your hair while pregnant? Many expectant moms ask, is it bad to dye your hair while pregnant?

As you read in this article, it is safer to dye your hair permanently, semi-permanently, or temporarily in the second or third trimesters.

Hair color is not highly toxic, and the chances of chemicals reaching the bloodstream and fetus through your scalp are very low. By following the recommendations discussed above, you can easily choose various hair colors or techniques that best suit your needs.

You may also want to enjoy the natural color of your hair and are not interested in dyeing your hair during this period, which is entirely a personal choice. 

In addition, if you need a quick treatment on your hair during this period, for example, in case you need to go out for dinner at a restaurant or take part in an unexpected party thrown by a friend, you can use temporary sprays and powders.

Brands such as L'Oréal Paris and Rita Hazan also offer affordable and high-end options for pregnant women, which will do the job for you.



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