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Many expectant mothers experience nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. This becomes a severe problem for some pregnant women, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy. Besides anti-nausea medication for pregnancy, one way to reduce such symptoms is to use a nausea bracelet or morning sickness bands, as some people call them. In addition, these bands are said to also reduce travel sickness symptoms.

What do Doctors say about Nausea bracelets?

According to the research, almost 80% of pregnant women experience nausea and morning sickness. In such cases, doctors prescribe different anti-nausea medications for pregnancy and suggest various ways to reduce these symptoms, including anti-nausea bracelets.

Doctors believe that symptoms such as nausea and dizziness, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy, are entirely normal and are caused by the immune system.

Despite the fact that some people call it “morning sickness,” nausea in pregnancy can occur any time of the day. Doctors believe that the occurrence of such pregnancy symptoms, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy, is completely normal and is caused by the immune system. This is a kind of defense reaction of the mother’s body to protect the baby against contamination and food poisoning.

Nausea bands (morning sickness bands) have always been among the suggestions doctors present to their patients. They have almost no side effects and can be bought at a low price. 

What causes Nausea during Pregnancy?

The reasons for this condition in pregnant women are relatively unknown at present, and experts believe that different treatments are only a matter of mental indoctrination. That is why there is always extensive research on the effectiveness of nausea bracelets in treating this problem.

Although some factors are unknown, doctors believe that there are proven reasons that may exacerbate this condition.


Progesterone: Progesterone levels increase dramatically during pregnancy. The reason for the increase in the level of this hormone is to prevent the contraction of the uterine muscles and premature delivery. High levels of this chemical hormone can sometimes irritate the stomach and intestines, leading to acid accumulation in the stomach, reflux, and nausea in pregnant women.

Gonadotrophin: The secretion of the hormone gonadotropin (HCG) produced by the fetus and placenta in the mother's body can cause nausea and dizziness.

Low blood sugar

Decreased maternal blood sugar can sometimes cause nausea during pregnancy. Many women experience anorexia during pregnancy, which is an important factor in lowering blood pressure and blood sugar levels, resulting in nausea.

Increased sense of smell

Many women experience a stronger sense of smell during pregnancy and become very sensitive to the smell of food or perfume. This increase in the sense of smell causes the strong odors to upset them and make them nauseous.

How does a Pregnancy Nausea Bracelet work?

The structure of the anti-nausea bracelet is very simple. A bracelet and a small plastic ball in the middle are all that make up a nausea bracelet.

The effectiveness of anti-nausea bracelets has no scientific basis in principle. It has gained many fans only based on the evidence and experiences of people who have used these types of morning sickness bands.

This type of bracelet is based on acupuncture and acupressure points. The plastic ball presses the points below the wrist that are specified in acupressure. This is said to relieve nausea in the person who is wearing it. This is said to relieve nausea in the person.

Advantages of using Anti-Nausea Bracelets

Many factors have contributed to the popularity of nausea bracelets among pregnant women and obstetricians, and generally people with motion sickness.

There haven't been any reported side effects from using a nausea bracelet for pregnancy. Compared to anti-nausea medication, this is a much safer choice with no negative side effects. In general, this type of bracelet does not cause any particular side effects for the mother and the baby. If the new treatment is effective, the mother will not need to take anti-nausea medications that may be harmful to the fetus.

Are Pregnancy Nausea Bracelets Effective?

The anti-nausea wrist band can be used by pregnant women and other people who may experience dizziness and nausea under certain conditions. This includes people who are traveling. Various studies have shown that point nerve stimulation, identified in acupressure, can be effective in reducing nausea and dizziness.

Research shows that anti-nausea bracelets, like other anti-nausea medication for pregnancy, are more of a mind stimulant and deceive the body through mental suggestion. The more patients expected to recover from this type of bracelet, the more reduction in their symptoms in comparison to those who questioned the effectiveness of the bracelet.

Some people say that the anti-nausea bracelet works because of the placebo effect. This means that it works because people think it will work.

There is not enough scientific evidence to say for sure if it works or not. But this doesn't mean you shouldn't try it! However, it doesn’t mean that they don’t worth a try!


There is no doubt that nausea and vomiting is not a pleasant feeling for pregnant women, and we all try to get rid of them by whatever means. The use of anti-nausea bracelets can effectively treat nausea and vomiting for some people and make their experience of pregnancy a sweeter experience.

There is no scientific basis to support the use of these bands, but they are recommended for pregnant women who experience severe nausea because they have no side effects and are very cheap.

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