One of the great experiences of every couple's lifetime is the maternity and maternity session, so why not take pictures of that beautiful moment? Here are some keys to having the best winter maternity photos, but before taking pictures, there are some maternity shoots ideas you better think and know about. 

For example, where do you want to take a pregnancy photo shoot, in or outdoors? Who do you want to take pictures of you, a professional photographer or a friend? 

What do you want to wear? And what backgrounds do you prefer, low light or blurred? Do you want black and white photos or colorful ones? 

If you are planning on a baby shower, how about considering a professional photographer because it can be a great plan for a pregnancy announcement?


Colors for the Winter Maternity Photos

pregnant woman at the icy beach | Neeva Baby

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Remember that colors like cream, white, beige, light blue, light mint, and as many cooler hues as you know to match the seasons can be an excellent choice for maternity photo ideas with pregnancy gowns.


Maternity Photoshoot Ideas on Styles 

Pregnant woman wearing sweaters | Neeva Baby

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If you are thinking about a maternity shoot dress, you better know there are a variety of styles you can choose that are all fantastic photoshoot ideas. For instance, oversized knit sweaters, cozy/ knit pieces, maternity gowns, fitting tops, jeans, long sleeve T-shirts, or even maxi dresses paired with long off-the-shoulder sweaters. These can go well with the winter season.


Accessories for Maternity Shoot

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Statement jewelry, such as earrings or necklaces, should be avoided since they will distract from your pregnancy. But some accessories like scarfs, beanies, or a little waist belt are ideal for emphasizing that the belly can be attractive in your pregnancy photos!


Work Fast

happy pregnant couple | Neeva Baby

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Of course, it is a cold season and kind of hard for a pregnant woman to cope with the cold or hot weather, so be aware of where the best light is and take the best shots quickly as you wish. Also, having a maternity gown with you can make you comfortable. Professional photographers always have some photoshoot ideas in their mind that can help you to do the pregnancy photo shoot faster.


Warm Up

pregnant woman with warm clothes | Neeva Baby

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It’s a helpful idea to warm up between shots! If you want to take your coat or sweater off for the winter maternity photos, you can put them on between photo sessions and locations. Additionally, walking and moving around would be an excellent choice to keep yourself warm.


Belly Hold

 pregnant couple photo shoot | Neeva Baby

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If you want indoor winter maternity photo ideas, you can easily put on warm sweaters, long sleeve dresses, or a pregnancy gown, fill the bed with wintry throw pillows and blankets, then sit on the bed, hold your belly, and hold hands to have a friendly pregnancy photo.


Holiday Decoration

pregnant during christmas | Neeva Baby

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It's the new year, and the Christmas tree is everywhere! Choose the best-decorated tree pose in front of it. For instance, you can wear a maternity gown and touch the baby bump when the pregnancy photoshoot is taken. Twinkly lights can be another option for you to have beautiful and memorable winter maternity photos.


Belly Kiss

Man kissing pregnant woman belly | Neeva Baby

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One of the traditional maternity photoshoot ideas is a belly kiss. You can decorate your background wintry or have an outdoor maternity photo and let your partner kiss your belly softly.


Spruce Tree

pregnancy photo shoot in spruce jungle | Neeva Baby

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Even if you don’t have a snowy winter, you can wear a maternity gown and find spruce trees somewhere to represent the season; then you can easily take a pregnancy photoshoot and enjoy it.


Fetal Doppler

 pregnant woman using fetal doppler | Neeva Baby

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As you know, a fetal doppler is an easy-to-use device that allows you to hear the baby's heartbeat. It is also handheld, so you can hold it in your hand, listen to the baby’s heartbeat, and have a stunning winter maternity shoot. If you want helpful information about fetal doppler and see the price range, you can check out the Neeva Baby site.


Foggy Effect

happy pregnant couple huging and posing | Neeva Baby

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If you know, some forest or woodland, or even beaches with a foggy effect on the background would be one of the wonderful maternity shoot ideas you want to have.


Cozy by the Window

Pregnant woman standing by the window | Neeva Baby

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Find the best moment when snowfall with some lights shows up through the window, then choose the best pose by looking at the snow and touching the baby bump and also taking black and white pregnancy photoshoot. 


Walk in the Snow

 Pregnant couple walking on snow | Neeva Baby

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Take a simple walk in the snow with your partner; you can even hold hands and hug your belly to show how loving pregnancy is. It can be one of the breathtaking winter maternity shoots. It could be one of the best photoshoot ideas that you want to have.


Hold Hands

Family holding hands | Neeva Baby

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Outdoor pregnancy photo shooting on a snow-covered road with your family can be a great idea. Put on a different color pregnancy gown, and hold your family’s hands as everyone walks away from the camera. If you want to have a black and white maternity picture, it would be like an old classic movie.


With Pets

Pregnant couple kissing with pets in winter | Neeva Baby

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Take your dog out, and let him/her play with the snow. Try not to notice the camera; pay attention to the dog while you hug your belly. Put on a beautiful smile and then wait for the fantastic maternity shoot that a professional photographer is taking. 


All Hands on Belly

Family posing with hands on pregnancy belly | Neeva Baby

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Have you ever seen all family members touch the baby bump? It can be one of the breathtaking and funny maternity outdoor pictures under the snowfall.


Heart Hand

 Heart Hands | Neeva Baby

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One way to show your love is by making a heart gesture on the belly. Even you and your partner can do it together to show that you two are always on the baby’s side and protect the baby. It will be a fascinating maternity picture.


Baby Boots

Pregnant couple holding baby boots | Neeva Baby

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Did you know showing the baby shoes can be a way of pregnancy announcement? Do you want to have funny maternity photos? 

You can hold the pair of baby shoes or boots in front of the belly. The fucose can be on the boots and belly, mommy and the boost, or family and the boots. Which one do you prefer that a professional photographer take? 



Pregnant couple holding a rabbit doll | Neeva Baby

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Soft and warm toys can be another maternity shoot idea for the cold season. It will be able to show the baby that they can warm them from cold weather.


Peek-a-Boo Picture

Peek-a-Boo Picture for pregnancy announcement | Neeva Baby

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Put on a maternity shoot dress, hide behind a snowy tree, then it is time for a peek-a-boo shoot. Another peek-a-boo photo can be in milk baths. If you want a fun way to have a pregnancy announcement, this maternity photo shoot idea would be awesome.


Cartoon Character

Preganant woman dressed as frozen character | Neeva Baby

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You can dress like a Disney princess. For instance, dress like Elsa in Frozen, have a snowy castle, and make a snowman like Olaf. Now it’s time to get an incredible winter maternity photo session.


A Foodie Mommy

Pregnant woman eating healthy | Neeva Baby

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A hot or a cold meal in the snowy weather can change your mood while avoiding some foods during pregnancy. What do you think? What do you prefer, cold or hot? 

Additionally, if you want to inform your baby of how hungry mommy was during pregnancy, maternity shoot ideas with food in your hand can be helpful and also funny maternity shoots. Having milk baths when holding the hot milk in your hands can be another maternity photo shoot idea.


Last Words

In general, everybody wants to have pictures of important moments in their lives. One of the essential periods of the lifetime is the maternity session. Besides, every mom needs to have special memories of that time to remember and to show her baby. 

This article tries to help you and prepares some wonderful maternity photoshoot ideas for you to have stunning and also cute pictures as you wish. But one important thing is that you should be comfortable with all situations, photo sessions, and all poses you want to take photos of, besides enjoying and liking the pregnancy photos from the first time you see them.







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