Designing Your Baby Nursery: The Perfect Checklist

Baby Nursery

Hey mama! If you’re expecting a baby to come join the family soon, you’re probably getting ready for everything to be absolutely perfect for when your baby is born! It’s important to create a safe and happy home for your baby which means you’re most likely running ideas through your head about designing a beautiful baby nursery. 

The good part is that babies don't have much of an opinion. You won’t have to worry about strong opinions and choices at this age just yet! So take advantage of the freedom you have when designing your baby’s nursery. 

It may get overwhelming while you’re in the preparation of your baby’s arrival, so don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with the ultimate nursery checklist!

Sleeping Area

Baby in Crib

No matter how cute and cozy you want to make your baby nursery, there is also going to be a lot of baby essentials all over the room. Make sure you have your baby crib or bassinet with a firm and flat mattress. 

It’s good to get stacked up on crib sheets and washable mattress pads as well. Above the crib, you may want to add some special touches like a speaker that will play lullabies and soothing sounds during your baby’s bedtime

Storage Space

Storage in Baby Nursery

Keeping everything organized is gonna be super important so that things are easier when your baby arrives. Keeping your baby’s wardrobe organized and neat is gonna be a huge challenge, so having a lot of storage space for all the tiny pieces of clothing is super important. A good tip is to sort all the clothing by size and season so everything is found easily and quickly. 

You may want to also add some creative storage spaces like bookshelves and bins for toys and other baby necessities. 

The Lighting

Lighting in Baby Nursery

Using a dimmer would be a great idea so that you can avoid any harsh lighting, especially if there is a lighting fixture over the baby crib. You may want to add a small lamp as an accent, and it’ll also come in handy for story times at night. 

Nightlights will also keep your baby feeling cozy and safe during the night and it will add some cuteness to the whole room! 

Baby Proofing

Baby Proofing

Even though your child will be just a baby, they’re gonna grow up in no time! It’s never too soon to start taking action and making the nursery safe for your baby by baby proofing the room. Make sure you are covering all electrical outlets and tuck away chords. Get rid of any choking hazards and keep the floor clean to avoid any injuries. 

Make yourself a baby proofing checklist that you can refer to when designing the nursery and also throughout the week to make sure you’re keeping on track! 

Play Time 

Baby Toys in Baby Nursery

Even though your baby nursery will be filled with a bunch of furniture pieces, baby equipment, and basic essentials, you’re also gonna want some open floor space for your baby to play. You can add a baby swing or bouncer which will keep your baby safely occupied. 

Since your baby is gonna play on the floor mostly, you’ll want to have a soft and cozy area rug. Have toys kept in bins that are safe and fun for your baby to play with. 

Do’s and Don’ts

Baby Nursery

Every mother is gonna add their own flare to their baby’s nursery so feel free to get creative with it and make it your own! But here are some things to keep in mind that’ll help you perfect your baby nursery

  • Create a nursery theme
  • Pick a perfect palette 
  • Get creative
  • Develop a sorting system
  • Keep things clean and sanitized
  • Leave room for new additions
  • Wait until the last minute
  • Forget stocking up on essentials 
  • Forget to baby proof

Final Product 

Make the most out of what you have and remember that your baby is gonna love the home you create for them no matter what. Be free to be creative and create a loving and comfortable space for your baby to grow up in.

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