Pregnant Woman Taking Prenatal Vitamins

A prenatal vitamin a day will keep the doctors away! 

We’ve always heard pregnant women being nagged about remembering to take their prenatal vitamins. We cannot stress this enough! Taking prenatal vitamins is one of the easiest things you can do to motivate a healthy pregnancy. 

The Neeva Baby Prenatal Gummies are a complete prenatal vitamin packed with your daily dose of Vitamin A, E, B6, B12, and Folic Acid and are made with Plant Sourced DHA.

When combined with the balanced diet, physical activity and exercise, and a positive support system, prenatal vitamins will ensure that you and your baby are well nurtured and provided with the best nutrition that is necessary for a healthy pregnancy. It's just one of the very many ways to feed your pregnancy care!

We will be sharing with you some benefits that you may or may not have known already! 

What Are Prenatal Vitamins?

Pregnant Woman Looking At Prenatal Vitamins

Before we get into the many benefits and positive outcomes that come from prenatal vitamins, it is important for you to understand exactly what they are and why they’re important. 

Prenatal vitamins are supplements that contain daily vitamins and minerals that you need before and during your pregnancy. Although most nutrients should come from the food and drinks you consume, it is also a good idea to get that extra kick of minerals from prenatal vitamins. 

Your body is changing during your pregnancy, which means you now have different requirements that are specific to helping you grow a healthy baby. Making sure expectant mothers are taking prenatal vitamins is one of the most important parts of prenatal care. 

It is best to start taking prenatal vitamins at least 1 month before you start trying to conceive a baby. Although you aren’t officially pregnant at this point, this time is important for fetal health and fetal development. 

If you are looking for a prenatal vitamin that has all the micronutrients that are vital for a healthy Mother and Baby, you should consider the Neeva Baby Complete Prenatal.

6 Benefits Of Taking Prenatal Vitamins 

Mother and Her Baby

1. Helps Provide Calcium for your Child’s Development

Calcium is a nutrient that is necessary for women of all ages, and even more important when you are expecting a child. Women who are over 19 years old need 1000 mcg of calcium once a day before, during, and after pregnancy. 

Calcium also can reduce your risk of developing any complications such as preeclampsia and hypertension. Prenatal vitamins contain a sufficient amount of calcium that helps give your body the calcium they need to develop strong bones, teeth, a healthy heart, nerves and muscles.

2. May Reduce the Risk of Birth Defects

Folic acid is an extremely important nutrient that can help lower the risk of potential birth defects. Birth defects are structural changes that occur at birth and can affect almost any part of your baby’s body. 

This is an unfortunate reality that many families go through, therefore it is extremely crucial that you do anything and everything possible to avoid this possibility. Folic acid helps to lower the chances of your baby being born with a cleft lip, cleft palate, and certain heart birth defects. 

3. Reduces the Risk of your Baby Developing Spina Bifida and Neural Defects

As mentioned above, there are many kinds of birth defects that can unfortunately occur and affect different parts of your baby’s body. 

Prenatal vitamins contain vitamin B which can reduce the risk of your baby developing neural tube defects such as Spina Bifida, if taken early in your pregnancy and even before you conceive. 

Studies have shown that if women who could become pregnant took prenatal vitamins that are sufficient in vitamin B folic acid, the risk of these defects could be reduced by up to 70%. 

4. Reduces the Risk of Developing Preeclampsia

Prenatal vitamins aren’t only beneficial for your little baby, but also for mommy. When women are pregnant, they go through changes in order to improve the state of their health. Taking sufficient folic acid during early pregnancy may lower the risk of the mother developing preeclampsia. 

Preeclampsia is a pregnancy complication that is characterized by high blood pressure and can also damage other organ systems, most often the liver and kidney. Some studies have reported that vitamin deficiency can lead to this complication. 

Although it usually begins after 20 weeks of pregnancy, taking prenatal vitamins from before you are even pregnant can avoid this from occurring. It is extremely Important to take care of yourself and your baby by engaging in early and regular prenatal care. 

5. Helps to Prevent Iron-Deficiency Anemia

Women are typically prone to having iron deficiency. However, women need a lot of iron supply during pregnancy specifically. Your body needs twice as much iron as before conception since your body now needs it to make blood for both you and your baby during pregnancy. 

Iron is extremely important as it helps move oxygen from your lungs to your bloodstream, and your baby’s body. Taking prenatal vitamins will help to protect you from experiencing the symptoms of iron deficiency anemia such as feeling weak and tired during your pregnancy. 

6. Gives You a Peace of Mind

Taking prenatal vitamins helps you get into a routine that is necessary for every expecting mother. It is important to take many steps to eat well and have a healthy diet during your pregnancy. Certain nutrients are a requirement now that you are taking care of yourself and a mini you in that belly of yours. 

It is also a good idea for you to speak to your doctor or a health care professional to ensure you are taking the necessary steps to ensure a healthy pregnancy. 

 Prenatal Vitamins

Nutritional needs begin to become higher during pregnancy -- This is a good thing! Your baby is going to be your number one priority, and a healthy and happy baby begins with a healthy and happy mother! 


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