14 Best Gift Ideas for Pregnant Women | 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Ahh the stress of the holidays. With so much frantic running around, and the hectic nature of this time of year, we’ve found that the best way to reduce stress is to have a set game plan and be prepared with gift ideas for everyone. 

New moms usually receive lots of practical gifts: bottles, baby clothing and toys This year, try getting her something for her, something that she really wants.

Here’s 14 of our favorite gift ideas for a pregnant mom and mother’s to be. 

#1 Mom’s One Line a Day Memory Book

Memories are invaluable. With this notebook a busy mom on the go can capture all her favorite memories of motherhood. Imagine all the quirky one liners, hilarious stories, and raw emotion that she’ll be able to capture and share. 

Get the Mom’s One Line a Day Memory book for $16

#2 Multi-Use Pregnancy Support Pillow

A resting pillow for support during pregnancy and can be used for breastfeeding, relaxing, or sleeping. We love this product because it’s so versatile. It can be used in her favorite chair, while on the couch, or in bed. It offers back, bump and hip support to get her through the 40 weeks of pregnancy and beyond. 

Get the Multi-Use Pregnancy Support Pillow for $40

#3 Neeva Fetal Doppler

A heart-rate monitor and listening device that can be used at home and on the go to connect with the baby. If the mom to be doesn’t already have one, the Neeva doppler  is a must-have! It’s super easy to use, the mother simply applies ultrasound gel onto her belly and uses the probe to detect the heartbeat. 

She’ll be able to hear the heartbeat in the comfort of her home, involve family and friends (because she likely wasn’t able to have everyone in her first ultrasound appointment) and have peace of mind. Most mothers use the doppler as a way to check to make sure that everything is okay.

If you’re not familiar with what a doppler is, here’s everything you need to know:
What is a Fetal Doppler?
Benefits of Using a Fetal Doppler
3 Tips for Using The Neeva Fetal Doppler

Get a Neeva Doppler for $49.95

#4 Provence Family Stretch Mark Oil

We love this brand because it’s made from all natural ingredients. It’s made from a powerful blend of botanical oils that help proactively support the skin as it expands. This one’s a great stocking stuffer and gift she’ll appreciate for years after her pregnancy.

Get Provence Family Belly Oil for $14

#5 Memory Foam Slippers

For pregnant women that are carrying all this extra weight on their body, having structured and supportive footwear during the day is critical. At night, when they come home from work, and when they’re around the house, it’s orthopedically better for women to wear slippers. These ones are our favorite because they’re soft, cushioned, and feel like a warm hug for the toes.

Get the Memory Foam Slippers for $20

#6 Pregnancy Chalkboard

From pregnancy announcements, to gender reveals, mothers love sharing the excitement of this time with friends. This chalkboard helps them stage beautiful pregnancy photos to share with friends and family. It comes with colored chalk and is customizable! It’s a perfect gift for your less creative, or even full on artist pregnant friend/family member.

Get the Pregnancy Chalkboard for $25

#7 Mom to Be Gift Box Set

This kit is hilarious. Everything is handmade by the Parcelly team and there’s different versions of the box so if you know your mama-to-be well, you can pick the perfect one.  We love the emergency pickles in this one, which are actually scented soaps. The door hanging warning labels are also a life saver for the father.

Get the Mom to Be Gift Box for $47

#8 Heated Pad

If your mama friend has already been complaining about pregnancy pains and hardships, this is the gift for her. The heated pad can be placed on the back, neck, shoulders to help relax the muscles that work so hard to support the extra weight. After these 9 months are over, she can also use it for menstrual cramps or any other body pains. It can be used by anyone in the family! It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Get a Heated Pad for $37

#9 Skin Care Kit

Hormonal breakouts are one of the unnecessary causes of stress for pregnant women. Help her keep breakouts to a minimum with an all-natural skin care regime. Ole Henriksen products are on the “clean at Sephora” list, meaning they have no parabens, sulfites, etc. 

Get the Ole Henriksen Skin Care kit for $37

#10 Wine Tumbler Set

This one’s not just for the mom-to-be, but also the father! It’s not necessarily something they can both use right away, but it’s something they can use for years afterwards! Most mothers wait for 9 months until they can finally have their first sip of wine. Give them a gift that they’ll look forward to use! It helps build anticipation.

Get the Wine Tumbler Set for $26

#11 Baby Carrier Wrap

This stylish wrap allows the mother or father to carry the baby in 2 different positions. It’s made from a soft cotton material and wraps around the frame of the body to support baby’s up to 18 months. It evenly distributes the baby’s weight and frees up the hands of whoever’s wearing it!

Get the Boba Baby Carrier Wrap for $39

#12 Bamboo Bathtub Caddy

A new mom rarely gets enough time for R&R. With this bathtub necessity she’ll be able to enjoy even just a few minutes of time to reset. There’s enough space on it for a glass of wine, a book, and a face mask. Get her a gift she’ll won’t forget.

Get the Bamboo Bathtub Caddy for $40

 #13 Monthly Milestone Frame

Have you seen these on instagram yet? It’s such a great way to track the baby’s growth month over month. Your mama-to-be can use this for the entire first year and share the photos with family and friends. The blanket is machine washable and 100% cotton, so if there’s any emergency pee-pee issues, they can easily be taken care of.

Get the Monthly Milestone Blanket & Frame for $22

#14 Pregnancy T-Shirt

Etsy has some hilarious t-shirts for pregnant women. If your mom-to be has a sarcastic sense of humor and loves to share it with others, this a great gift for her! If you’re not 100% about the Pregassaurus Rex shirt, or maybe she’s already announced her pregnancy to the entire world, check out some of the other awesome designs. 

Get the Pregassaurus Rex T-Shirt for $24


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